Tesla Model X P90DL shuts down with 14 km/8 mi range left

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During my usual drive from Elverum to Alvdal (167 km/104 mi), the car ran out of juice with 14 km/8 mi left just 7 km/4 mi away from the supercharger. This came as a surprise, but at the same time, I was afraid something like this would happen.

The cause of this is probably that BMS was knocked off and didn't know what the max and min values were. This could be due to many supercharger sessions we had in our Europe road trip we had a week before.

The fastest solution when this occurs is to get a tow from any car. But in this case, the park brakes wouldn't disengage. So the only way out was to wait for a flatbed. The price for the service is usually 3000 NOK ($350/€350). Tesla warranty doesn't cover this car because it has passed 100k km. But insurance covered it. I only had to pay 500 NOK ($50/€50) for the rescue.

I am now a NAF member (www.naf.no). For that, I have unlimited rescues without paying anything extra. The membership cost 1140 NOK per year. Now I can mess around a lot 🙂

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