RUN3: Tesla Model X 100D with TeslaChip Range Extender

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For this run I have installed TeslaChip Range Extender. Range looks much better than original Tesla run (203,5 Wh/km) because we have 170 Wh/km now. It is like about 100 km of range more, assuming polite drive. Nice +19% better range, but still far far far from Leaf 30kWh.
So ranking is now like that:
1. Nissan Leaf I (2016) 30kWh (with Range Extender) – 122 Wh/km (max range: 221 km)
2. Tesla Model X 100D (2018) (with Range Extender) – 170 Wh/km (max range: 576 km)
3. Tesla Model X 100D (2018) – 203,5 Wh/km (max range: 481 km)
Next will be Leaf 30kWh without range extender and Kia Soul EV.

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