2019 Tesla Model Y new concept design and electric specs

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Director of Tesla's Elon Musk announced the presentation of crossover car model Y for March next year.
The first man company Tesla then explained that he “invented” the date for his Ides of March (that date the Romans held solemnity in honor of the god Mars, although it has a meaning emergency threatening because the same date assassinated Julius Caesar, cf.. Aut) “sound good “.
Mask was announced last year that only Model Y use the “indescribable” platform, but the Tesla still decided that this is the architecture on which he built the Model 3, in order to facilitate development. In spite of the same base, the Tesla intend to Model Y is significantly more advanced than the Model third Mask announced that the chassis has 100 meters of welds, as opposed to the 1,500 m at the Model 3 or even 3,000m at the Model S.

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