Samsung begins production on new 12GB RAM chips for phones – CNET

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If you think you can never have too much RAM on your phone, Samsung has some good news for you.

The Korean electronics giant on Thursday announced it has started production of its new 12GB LPDDR4X RAM chips. Most Android smartphones come with 4GB RAM, like the Google Pixel 3, or 8GB RAM, as with Samsung's Galaxy S10. 

While the ceramic edition of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus already comes with 12GB RAM, it's not using this new module — instead the phone uses an older one made using a 20nm process.

The new 12GB chip uses a 10nm process which, according to Samsung, allows for more space inside the phone for the battery while minimizing power consumption. Phones with this new memory module will be able to easily handle more than five cameras, larger screen sizes, AI as well as 5G. Multitasking on a phone with 12GB RAM will also be a lot more fluid, said Samsung.   

“With the LPDDR4X, we're strengthening our position as the premium mobile memory maker best positioned to accommodate rapidly growing demand from global smartphone manufacturers,” said Sewon Chun, executive vice president of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics in the press release.

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