Tesla Model Y: Everything you need to know

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This is Tesla’s fourth production car in their lineup. They have the Model S, 3, X, and now they Model Y. If you’re keeping track of the naming convention, it spells S3XY – and they did refer to this many times throughout the night.

I’ll get into some of the specs and after provide some of my personal thoughts and address some of the questions you all asked online.


The cost of the Model Y begins at $39,000 and goes up to $74,500. To place a pre-order for Model Y you’ll need to put down $2,500 up front. Delivery begins late next year with the higher priced variants first, and they’ll likely start deliveries first in California, just as they did with the Model 3.

Model Y production is expected to begin in late 2020 in North America, and in early 2021 in Europe and China. Standard Range production is expected to begin in early 2021 in North America, and in early 2022 in Europe and China.

United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium and Spain. You will be able to order Model Y in additional markets soon.

Question you are asked me:

Does it have a tow hitch?

How much room does the third row have?

How was the leg room in the second row?

What was the glass roof like?

Will the hatch be automatic?

What is trunk storage like? I estimate trunk storage will be extremely small with third row of seats up, with no third row or third row down, the cubic storage space would be in between Model S and Model 3

What are my thoughts?

It’s what we all imagined the design to look like – a Model 3 but a bit larger.

More specifically, the front portion of the car looks like a Model 3, the side profile and rear look a bit like a Model X with it’s more conservatively swooping roof line to fit the third row.

Fitting 7 adults is a real stretch and I think they embellished that feature a bit. There’s no way someone my size would fit in the third row. I barely fit in the third row of the X.

Personally, I thin the design looks extremely good. It’s very, very sleek. When you consider the total package – how they marry performance, range, interior and exterior design, software, and charging network – I expect this to be a top selling vehicle in its class – both gasoline and electric.

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