Tesla Model Y Unveil Unofficial Live Stream

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Live commentary of the Tesla Model Y Announcement

Model Y Design: https://www.tesla.com/modely/design#battery

Tesla's official stream: https://livestream.tesla.com/

What we know about the Model Y so far:
– Will be on the same platform as the Model 3.
– Approximately 10% bigger and 10% more expensive than Model 3 per a tweet from Elon Musk
– range will be slightly less than Model 3 due to heavier car
– Some invites went out showing no side mirrors, but latest Tesla.com render is now showing them
– attempts to improve the contrast and get a better look at the front fascia show that “Nice Try” is edited in to the image per an MKBHD tweet
– So basically we know nothing

My predictions:
– very similar body to the model 3, just taller and a little beefier being an SUV
– similar interior options to the Model 3, with standard, standard plus, and premium
– adding a second screen for the dashboard similar to Model S
– begin pre-orders soon, will ship in ~1 year – no “reservations” like the Model 3 release necessary
– one other surprise similar to the Roadster reveal after the Semi announcement last year (Maybe an update on the roadster?)
– let me know some others in the chat!

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