S3XY Is Here: Tesla Model Y (And All The Things You Want To Know).

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After a long wait, Tesla's Model Y SUV finally broke cover last night, marking a conclusion in Elon Musk's desire to make electric cars S3Xy.

Available from $39,000 US for the standard range Model Y and going all the way up to the $60,000 dual motor performance Model Y, this seven seat mid-size SUV combines the engineering of the Model 3 with some of the style of the Model X.

And, says Elon Musk, will likely sell more than the Model 3 and the Model X combined.

Here's everything you need to know about this new electric car from Tesla that is due to enter production next year.

Side note: apologies for the later arrival of this video: Nikki has been in Southern California for most of the week and has been balancing filming features with travelling, and producing regular TE content! 
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