What Nobody Saw At Tesla’s Model Y Unveiling!

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After spending some time with the Tesla Model Y, here are my takeaways. It is a car that needs to be made and it NEEDS to be made as simply and efficiently as possible. Tesla is confident the demand will far outweigh the current demand for Model S, X and 3 combined and crossover SUV's remain the most in demand vehicles in the US market.

What we loved:

*Cargo Capacity of 66 cubic feet more than quadruples what the Model 3 currently offers.
*Unobstructed panoramic all glass roof
*Safety & Performance will rival all other comparable Tesla variants (which are both at the top of the auto industry)
*Higher ride height of a CUV allows for much easier ingress/egress vs the Model 3
*We were told it will feature an auto lift gate (something the 3 currently doesn't offer),

What we didn't love:

*The Model Y 3rd row looks to be very cramped for anyone other than children. Although it's important to note that all 3 second row seats fold flat and do so independently, meaning one can open up the 3rd row by sacrificing (and just folding down) the second row middle seat.

Overall, we feel given the safety record, efficiency and operational costs, the Model Y will be extremely popular to buyers of an untapped marketplace for full EV CUV's. Its simplicity and ease of manufacturing is what gives Tesla its best shot of finally meeting production goals and ramping within the next 18 months.

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