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Epic Games

We're now in season 8, week 3 of the Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges and — like every week — you're going to want to complete them to get through more tiers of your Battle Pass. The challenges aren't too hard if you know where to go — and I made some maps so you can find everything quickly. 

This week Epic Games threw us a curve ball with a staged challenge we haven't seen before. Instead of sending players to named locations, we need to visit biomes to complete different tasks. It's a cool twist on previous challenges, because you're not limited to a single (and likely crowded) location. I hope we see more challenges like this one in the future, because it's rough when you know everyone is landing at the same spot. 

If you aren't finished with last week's challenges, head over to my season 8, week 2 guide.


Jason Parker/CNET


  • Stage 1: Visit Fatal Fields and Salty Springs in a single match (0/2)
  • Stage 1: Destroy cacti in the Desert (0/30)
  • Place different trap slot items in a single match (0/2)

Battle Pass

  • Search where the magnifying glass sits on the treasure map loading screen (0/1)
  • Search chests at Sunny Steps or Fatal Fields (0/7)
  • Deal headshot damage to opponents (0/500)
  • Get an elimination with an SMG, pistol and a sniper rifle (0/3)

How to do stage 1: Visit Fatal Fields and Salty Springs in a single match

We've seen this staged challenge many times and it requires you visit two areas on the island during a match to complete each stage. There are three stages, and the distance is greater for each stage, but here's a map so you know where to go:


Jason Parker/CNET

How to do stage 1: Destroy cacti in the desert

This staged quest is something we haven't seen before because it takes you to different biomes on the map rather than named locations. The first stage has you destroying cacti, but stage 2 takes you to the snowy area to search ammo boxes. Stage 3 brings you to the new jungle area in the northeast part of the island to search for chests. Since there's no focus on named locations, this one should be pretty easy to complete, because you'll have less chance to see other players.  

How to place different trap slot items in a single match

                                    <p>This one should be pretty easy as long as you can find trap items. Try to keep this one in the back of your mind as you do other challenges and place any trap as soon as you get it. You only need to place two traps, so it shouldn't be too hard to complete. </p><h2>    How to search where the magnifying glass sits on the treasure map loading screen </h2><p>The treasure map is a tier 10 reward on your Battle Pass, so you probably already have it unlocked if you've been completing challenges every week. Here's the treasure map, if you don't have it yet: </p><figure class="image image-large pull-none hasCaption shortcode" section="shortcodeImage"><span class="imageContainer"><span><img src="" class="lazy " alt="treasuremap" height="0" width="970" data-original=""></span><noscript><span><img src="" class alt="treasuremap" height="0" width="970"></span></noscript></span><figcaption readability="1"><span class="caption" readability="2"><p>The magnifying glass marks the place you need to search in the snowy area.</p></span><span class="credit">
                                                Epic Games/Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET
                                            </span></figcaption></figure><p>The map is a crude drawing of the island, but if you look closely, you can see that just above and to the right of the magnifying glass is the castle on top of Polar Peak. All you need to do for this battle star is drop in to the cluster of trees southwest of Polar Peak and grab the battle star right near a frozen statue. Here's where it is on the map: </p><figure class="image image-large pull-none shortcode" section="shortcodeImage"><span class="imageContainer"><span><img src="" class="lazy " alt="fortnitemaptreasuremapstar" height="0" width="970" data-original=""></span><noscript><span><img src="" class alt="fortnitemaptreasuremapstar" height="0" width="970"></span></noscript></span><figcaption><span class="credit">
                                                Jason Parker/CNET
                                            </span></figcaption></figure><h2>How to search chests at Sunny Steps or Fatal Fields</h2><p>This is a pretty standard-issue challenge we've seen many times before. Just pick a location and find chests. It's up to you where you go, but I would suggest going to Fatal Fields rather than Sunny Steps for safety, because I think most people will want to go to the new location. Better safe than sorry.</p><h2>   How to deal headshot damage to opponents </h2><p>This challenge is pretty self-explanatory and you will probably get it organically as you play. Just be aware that you need 500 damage with headshots to complete it, so it might take a few matches to get there.  </p><h2>How to get an elimination with an SMG, pistol and a sniper rifle</h2><p>Sharpshooters will probably have no trouble with this one, but for the rest of us it's going to be a challenge. You're likely to get an SMG elimination organically while playing, but you'll need to focus on this one over the course of a few games to get the pistol and sniper rifle kills.</p><svg class="svg-symbol playerControls"><symbol id="play" viewBox="0 0 26.6 32"><path d="M0,2.6c0-2.4,1.6-3.3,3.7-2L25,13.7c2,1.3,2,3.2,0,4.5L3.7,31.4c-2,1.3-3.7,0.3-3.7-2C0,29.4,0,2.6,0,2.6z" /></symbol><symbol id="pause" viewBox="0 0 26.6 32"><g><polygon points="16,32 26.5,32 26.5,8.8 26.5,0 16,0" /><rect x="0.1" y="0" width="10.6" height="32" /></g></symbol><symbol id="playlist" viewBox="0 0 32 22.9"><g><circle class="st11" cx="2.3" cy="20.6" r="2.3" /><circle class="st11" cx="2.3" cy="11.4" r="2.3" /><circle class="st11" cx="2.3" cy="2.3" r="2.3" /><path class="st11" d="M32,1.1C32,0.5,31.5,0,30.9,0H10.3C9.7,0,9.1,0.5,9.1,1.1v2.3c0,0.6,0.5,1.1,1.1,1.1h20.6c0.6,0,1.1-0.5,1.1-1.1V1.1z" /><path class="st11" d="M32,10.3c0-0.6-0.5-1.1-1.1-1.1H10.3c-0.6,0-1.1,0.5-1.1,1.1v2.3c0,0.6,0.5,1.1,1.1,1.1h20.6c0.6,0,1.1-0.5,1.1-1.1V10.3z" /><path class="st11" d="M32,19.4c0-0.6-0.5-1.1-1.1-1.1H10.3c-0.6,0-1.1,0.5-1.1,1.1v2.3c0,0.6,0.5,1.1,1.1,1.1h20.6c0.6,0,1.1-0.5,1.1-1.1V19.4z" /></g></symbol><symbol id="speaker-on" viewBox="0 0 32 28.1"><g><g><path d="M12.6,5L6.3,8.7H0.6C0.3,8.7,0,9,0,9.3V19c0,0.4,0.3,0.7,0.6,0.7h5.9l6.1,3.4c1.3,0.8,1.5,0.2,1.5-1.5V6.5C14.2,4.8,13.9,4.2,12.6,5z" /></g><path d="M18,23.1v-2.8c2.6,0,4.7-2.8,4.7-6.2S20.6,7.8,18,7.8V5c4.2,0,7.5,4,7.5,9S22.1,23.1,18,23.1z" /><path d="M21.3,28.1v-2.8c4.4,0,7.9-5,7.9-11.2S25.6,2.8,21.3,2.8V0C27.2,0,32,6.3,32,14C32,21.8,27.2,28.1,21.3,28.1z" /></g></symbol><symbol id="speaker-off" viewBox="0 0 32 18.8"><g><g><path d="M12.6,0.4L6.3,4H0.6C0.3,4,0,4.3,0,4.7v9.7c0,0.4,0.3,0.7,0.6,0.7h5.9l6.1,3.4c1.3,0.8,1.5,0.2,1.5-1.5V1.8C14.2,0.2,13.9-0.5,12.6,0.4z" /></g><polygon points="32,4.5 30.2,2.7 25.3,7.6 20.4,2.7 18.6,4.5 23.5,9.4 18.6,14.3 20.4,16.1 25.3,11.2 30.2,16.1 32,14.3 27.1,9.4 " /></g></symbol><symbol id="captions" viewBox="0 0 32 16.2"><g><path d="M8.6,16.2c-1.2,0-2.4-0.2-3.4-0.6c-1.1-0.4-2-0.9-2.7-1.6c-0.8-0.7-1.4-1.6-1.8-2.6C0.2,10.4,0,9.3,0,8.1c0-1.2,0.2-2.3,0.7-3.3s1-1.8,1.8-2.6C3.2,1.5,4.1,1,5.2,0.6S7.4,0,8.6,0c1,0,1.9,0.1,2.7,0.4c0.8,0.3,1.4,0.6,2,1.1c0.6,0.4,1.1,0.9,1.4,1.5c0.4,0.5,0.7,1.1,0.9,1.6l-4.1,1.9c-0.1-0.3-0.2-0.6-0.4-0.9C11,5.3,10.8,5,10.5,4.8c-0.3-0.2-0.6-0.4-0.9-0.5c-0.3-0.1-0.7-0.2-1-0.2C8,4.2,7.5,4.3,7,4.5C6.6,4.7,6.2,5,5.8,5.3C5.5,5.7,5.2,6.1,5.1,6.5C4.9,7,4.8,7.5,4.8,8.1c0,0.5,0.1,1.1,0.3,1.5c0.2,0.5,0.4,0.9,0.8,1.2c0.3,0.4,0.7,0.6,1.2,0.8C7.5,11.9,8,12,8.6,12c0.3,0,0.7-0.1,1-0.2c0.3-0.1,0.6-0.3,0.9-0.5c0.3-0.2,0.5-0.4,0.7-0.7c0.2-0.3,0.3-0.6,0.4-0.9l4.1,1.9c-0.2,0.5-0.5,1-0.9,1.6c-0.4,0.5-0.9,1-1.4,1.5c-0.6,0.4-1.2,0.8-2,1.1C10.5,16,9.6,16.2,8.6,16.2z" /><path d="M24.9,16.2c-1.2,0-2.4-0.2-3.4-0.6c-1.1-0.4-2-0.9-2.7-1.6c-0.8-0.7-1.4-1.6-1.8-2.6c-0.4-1-0.7-2.1-0.7-3.3c0-1.2,0.2-2.3,0.7-3.3c0.4-1,1-1.8,1.8-2.6c0.8-0.7,1.7-1.3,2.7-1.7C22.6,0.2,23.7,0,24.9,0c1,0,1.9,0.1,2.7,0.4c0.8,0.3,1.4,0.6,2,1.1c0.6,0.4,1.1,0.9,1.4,1.5C31.5,3.5,31.8,4,32,4.5l-4.1,1.9c-0.1-0.3-0.2-0.6-0.4-0.9c-0.2-0.3-0.4-0.5-0.7-0.7c-0.3-0.2-0.6-0.4-0.9-0.5c-0.3-0.1-0.7-0.2-1-0.2c-0.6,0-1.1,0.1-1.5,0.3c-0.5,0.2-0.9,0.5-1.2,0.8c-0.3,0.4-0.6,0.8-0.8,1.2c-0.2,0.5-0.3,1-0.3,1.5c0,0.5,0.1,1.1,0.3,1.5c0.2,0.5,0.4,0.9,0.8,1.2c0.3,0.4,0.7,0.6,1.2,0.8c0.5,0.2,1,0.3,1.5,0.3c0.3,0,0.7-0.1,1-0.2c0.3-0.1,0.6-0.3,0.9-0.5c0.3-0.2,0.5-0.4,0.7-0.7c0.2-0.3,0.3-0.6,0.4-0.9l4.1,1.9c-0.2,0.5-0.5,1-0.9,1.6c-0.4,0.5-0.9,1-1.4,1.5c-0.6,0.4-1.2,0.8-2,1.1C26.8,16,25.9,16.2,24.9,16.2z" /></g></symbol><symbol id="share" viewBox="0 0 32 20"><path d="M20,6c0,0-7.9-0.1-13.2,3.3C1.6,12.7,0,20,0,20s5.1-5.4,9.8-7.2C14.9,10.9,20,12,20,12v6l12-8L20,0V6z" /></symbol><symbol id="fullscreen" viewBox="0 0 32 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challenges.","slug":"how-is-apex-legends-different-from-fortnite-and-pubg","chapters":{"data":[],"paging":{"total":0,"limit":15,"offset":0}},"datePublished":"2019-02-06 22:22:46","duration":162,"mpxRefId":"vTIPx8reND977o6PgEC2pRN_2m5LqF_a","ratingVChip":"TV-14","primaryTopic":{"id":"1c7ebf90-c387-11e2-8208-0291187b029a"},"author":{"id":"b163284d-6b73-44fc-b3e6-3da66c392d40","firstName":"Ashley","lastName":"Esqueda"},"primaryCollection":{"id":"6fcb322f-9ea7-49cc-873e-a56053cd663f","title":"Special Features"},"image":{"path":""},"thumbnail":"","closedCaptionPath":"/videos/captions/dfxp/how-is-apex-legends-different-from-fortnite-and-pubg.xml","urlPath":"/videos/how-is-apex-legends-different-from-fortnite-and-pubg/","isVertical":false,"m3u8":"/videos/manifest/how-is-apex-legends-different-from-fortnite-and-pubg.m3u8","mp4":"","index":0}]" readability="6">
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                How is Apex Legends different from Fortnite and PUBG?

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