Problems with my Used / Preowned Tesla Model S

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*Update* I took the car in for repair on the 21-MAR-2019: I let them know about the noisy door handles and they stated that they were unable to replicate it despite the mobile service techs putting in the notes that they heard it, so they did not replace the handles. Getting into the service center took so long that one of the handles did develop extra movement and they did see that, so they put a spacer behind the one. The front door handle failed two weeks after getting service done so I had to go back to get it replaced. I was pissed and they still fed me the BS of “We didn't hear it failing so we could not replace it.” (Again the mobile techs heard it.)

The car was vibrating at 40-70 MPH and they replaced both front bearings / hub assembly

The floor mats were never in properly so they replaced them with a new set.

The driver assistance camera was faulty so they replaced that

They ignored the rear camera being blurry, but I will create another video on this later.

They also ignored the MCU internet issue, but offered a courtesy replacement after I showed him how the internet only works after resetting the car MCU.

I took delivery of a used preowned Tesla Model S in early 2019 and this video is created to allow Tesla to see what defects I found that they did not disclose to me prior to delivery. It is also a reference for anyone looking to buy a used Tesla, so they can know what to expect when they order a car. Keep in mind that this video needed to be provided to tesla in a timely manner, so I did not add all the pictures I said I would as Tesla has already see the images and this video is for them more than anyone else. This is my first video and I know there is a lot of errors, but I promise more higher quality content in the future. Like Subscribe and leave a comment below about content you would like to see.

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Obviously after watching the problems I had with my used Tesla, you will not want to buy a used one. 🙂


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