Cooley’s Top 5: Best electrified cars, from Prius to Model 3

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The top five best electrified cars: Hybrids, plug-ins and pure electrics.
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Best hybrid: Toyota Prius (1997+)
The best-selling hybrid by far was the gateway drug that introduced people to the idea that cars could be driven by something other than combustion.

Best Plug-in Hybrid: Chevy Volt (2010-2019)
The Chevy Volt was the best-selling plug-in hybrid. I say “was” because GM has pulled the plug on it, focusing on pure battery electrics.

Best EV: Nissan Leaf (2010+)
At 400,000 copies sold, the Leaf remains the best-selling electric car of all time and occupies a price range where Tesla doesn't even play.

Luxury Car: Tesla Model 3 (2018)
Selling 138,000 units in 2018, the Model 3 was the best-selling luxury car in the U.S – it just happens to be electric, as well.

Too Popular: Tesla & GM (2018)
These are the only two companies that have sold so many electric cars they are starting to lose the federal tax credit that helped sell them in the first place. Now we'll see what consumers buy when some electric cars artificially cost $7,500 more than a competitor.

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