Does Tesla’s Sentry Mode Work?

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Testing out Tesla's Sentry Mode in software version 2019.5.15–does it work and what is it good for?

A few things I've noticed in addition to what was discussed in the video:
1) When the USB flash drive is full, the dashcam will no longer save video (not sure if this also applies to sentry mode).
2) The Model 3's screen goes white when the alarm is triggered and I think this may be to provide extra light in the cabin, perhaps to make what's happening more visible to others or to provide light for future use of the interior camera(?).
3) While sentry mode performed well for this video, it does inexplicably activate and record a whole lot of nothing sometimes.

Interested in seeing more of sentry mode in action? Here are a couple videos from TesLatino of sentry mode catching someone keying a Model 3:

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