First road trip with my Tesla Model 3

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In this the first long dastans trip with my Model 3 I decided to go north. The total dastans driven was 1400 km. Yes you can go north, and you can find charge for your car, even the Supercharger are there!
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I went for a visit to the city of Umeå in the county Västerbotten, north Europe. It really feels luxury to have a car with this amount of capacity in the battery when privies I only was able to drive short distances inbetween the charging stops with my Nissan LEAF. Here we could drive for over 300 km to the city of Sundsvall and there make the first stop. I did not!
Continuing north from the Supercharger you pass thru a spectacular nature in an aria called Höga kusten with the Golden gate stile bridge going over the Ångermanälven. The Auto pilot do have some issue going on the Swedish roads ware the lanes are changing in between on and to lanes with a barrier inbetween. The energy needed for this trip was only 264 kWh. That is so efficient comparing to a combustion engine car that needs so much more energy for driving the same distains.


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