70 Reasons To Buy A Tesla Model 3 | 70 Tesla Features

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Are you interested in learning more about the Tesla Model 3? In this video show you 70 reasons (features) that the Tesla Model 3 has and why it should be your next car.

In no order, here is a list of items, some that are not even apart of the list of 70 in this video. Are there any others that I have missed? Leave a comment below and let me know. And don't forget to subscribe for everything Tesla!

1) Never start a Tesla
2) Never shut off a Tesla
3) Walk away, auto locks
4) Front truck for storage
5) Hooks for groceries in the frunk
6) Large storage in the trunk
7) Deep well in the trunk hidden under for more room
8) Seats fold so you can lay flat
9) Camping window
10) Tesla card, no keys needed
11) Connect your phone as a key
12) Preheat your car from anywhere in the world
13) Valet mode
14) Sentry mode
15) Speed limit mode
16) No gas
17) No oil changes
18) Brake pads will also last even longer in a Tesla thanks to its regenerative braking.
19) Phone app, exact location
20) Hold at lights
21) Summon
22) Schedule service from app
23) Mobile service comes to you
24) Calendar synced
25) Energy app
26) Google maps directions with supercharging routes
27) Built in web browser
28) TACC
29) Autopilot
30) NAV on autopilot
31) Safest car tested
32) Fast 0-60
33) High top end speed
34) Drawing app
35) Fart mode app
36) Dog mode
37) Romance mode
38) Atari games
39) Location folding mirrors
40) HVAC system (draggable fans)
41) Seats and car heat up fast
42) Easy entry
43) Driving profiles
44) Driving styles (sport, comfort)
45) Over the air updates
46) No sound when running
47) Optional fob is a model car
48) Supercharger network
49) Environment friendly
50) Red light warning
51) 8 year battery warranty
52) Built in dash cam
53) Voice controls
54) Simple interface with large screen
55) Home link
56) Charging dock for phone
57) Automatic wipers
58) Big glass roof, easy to clean
59) Blind spot warnings
60) J1772 converter cable for charging
61) Mobile connecter
62) Mobile service
65) Scheduled charging to save money
66) No lights in front of you makes night driving peaceful
67) Back USBs for passengers
68) Music control on the app for people in back
69) Pin to drive
70) Warning when going over speed
72) Obstacle aware acceleration
74) Cabin overheat protection
75) Pre start in garage. No fumes
76) Free supercharging using a referral


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