This Is The Tesla Model 3 That Tesla Doesn’t Want You To Buy

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Ever since the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled, a great deal of attention has been given to the entry-level price of Tesla's highly-coveted car.

At $35,000 before incentives, the Model 3 Standard Range was to be the Tesla Model 3 for everyone. It was also seen by many as the car to indicate that Tesla was financially on solid ground, making a profit on its vehicles.

Orders for the Standard Range Model 3 were opened earlier this year, alongside those for the Standard Range Plus — a slightly more premium version of the Standard Range with slightly better performance, range and what Tesla calls a ‘partial premium' interior. It cost $2,000 more than the Model 3 Standard Range, and deliveries began almost immediately

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range however didn't begin deliveries immediately — and late last week Tesla made an announcement that it wasn't going to make the planned Standard Range variant at all. In its place, a software-locked Standard Range Plus with Standard Range specs.

It will still cost $35,000 — but to get one you'll have to go through some hoops. It's almost as if Tesla doesn't want you to buy it.

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