Tesla Model 3 High Speed Range – PERFORMANCE 20-inch Wheels on German Autobahn

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We share our genuine Performance Tesla Model 3 high speed range experience near Munich, Germany. Although there are many range test videos of the non-performance Long Range Model 3, we haven't seen any extensive tests of the Performance Model 3 with 20-inch wheels at highway speed yet.

1:44 Daytime trip with an average energy consumption of 173 Wh/km,
which means approx. 416 km real-world range
5:23 Nighttime return trip (partly uphill!) with an average energy efficiency of 190 Wh/km,
which means approx. 379 km real-world range
7:57 Test autopilot lane change, Tesla model 3 energy graph explained

Since 120 km/h (75 mph) is the most common speed driven on highways around the world, we tried to keep our speed at this level during the whole Tesla Model 3 Performance range test. In order to make our experiment results as representative as possible, we did two runs of the highway driving: one stretch during daytime and one stretch during nighttime. Each stretch has a length of approximately 60 km.

Of course we are interested in the real-world range of the Performance Model 3 on Autobahn. Hence we didn't deliberately avoid any uphill drive, for example. Furthermore, the glass roof of the performance model let the interior of the car heated up quite fast during our daytime drive, even though the outside temperature was not so high yet. To keep it as real-world highway driving experience, we didn't hesitate to turn on the AC during our Tesla Model 3 energy use test.

All in all, our Performance Tesla Model 3 high speed test track consists of a good mixture of typical real-world highway drive situations. At an average speed of 120 km/h (75 mph), we obtained an average energy consumption of approx. 180 Wh/km according to the Tesla Model 3 energy display. This translates to a legit real-world range as high as 400 km. For this calculation we are using the usable battery capacity of 72 kWh of our Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Hence our Tesla Model 3 Performance has an average energy usage not much higher than the Long Range Dual Motor AWD version, and it's certainly one of the electric cars with the longest real-world range. The Performance Model 3 indeed combines high energy efficiency with high performance in highway driving.

We hope you've enjoyed our Performance Tesla Model 3 highway range test, and we are really curious to know if you've had a similar or different experience. Please let us know 🙂

Full-electric cars present for us a major revolution and they would soon oust gasoline cars completely. Although the performance Model 3 is already quite efficient, we want to further improve its efficiency by installing aerodynamic wheel covers.

Since Tesla doesn't provide aerodynamic covers for 20-inch performance wheels, and we haven't found any aftermarket solutions yet, we're currently searching a way to manufacture 20-inch aero wheel covers by ourselves. The first solution that came to our mind is to 3D print the covers. However, at least in the Bavarian area of Germany, 3D modelling and printing of wheel covers seem to be extremly overpriced and complicated. Therefore, if you are interested in the same cause, we'd love to know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section!

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