Sleep in Tesla Model 3

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Turn you Model S 3 or X into an adventure machine with DreamCase and hit the roads this summer with a freedom and flexibility like none other. Park it at amazing locations, Use Camper Mode for AirCon all night and explore nature from the comfort of your Tesla Hotel.

DreamCase was designed to make car travel spontaneous, convenient and safe by swiftly unfolding into a double mattress for the coziest of rest with multi-layer memory foam, car duveé and pillows neatly encased. Take camping to the next level.

We believe DreamCase will change the way we travel with our car, giving more flexibility on weekend trips, long road-trips and holidays. DreamCase is also very useful for combating drivers fatigue, instead of napping in your seat, you can have a bed made in 2 mins and rest properly.

DreamCase's exterior in use serves as a height prop. It brings vehicle trunk height up to the folded down rear seats so the rest surface remains flatter. DreamCase is hand-made using high quality materials designed to provide perfect comfort. Sleeping in your car with a proper bed is an eyeopener of new possibilities.

DreamCase is available for a vast number of SUVs,
Station-wagons and Hatchbacks this spring, subscribe and stay tuned.



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