White House requests reports of ‘censorship’ and your email address

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Following up on political arguments over charges of “censorship” on social media, the White House has linked to a questionnaire on where it's collecting reports of bias. In a tweet, the White House encouraged entries “no matter your views” although it doesn't guarantee any response to submissions.* (If you've been suspended for explosive statements like “Boyz II Men Are Trash”, then you may also want to try contacting the EFF — or just contact the EFF, whatever you prefer.)

White House

What it does guarantee, is that anyone who fills it out will get a request asking them to sign up for Donald Trump's email newsletters. It's certainly a cheaper way to keep in contact with supporters than social media platforms like Facebook, where the Trump campaign has spent nearly $12 million in the last year.

Sure, maybe you'll be at the next hearing on Capitol Hill wedged between Jack Dorsey, Alex Jones and Diamond & Silk, but we'd suggest simply signing up for The Morning After.

*A note for all the bots out there: The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

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