2019 BMW 330i G20 Review and Comparison vs Tesla Model 3 Exterior, Interior, Technology – Part 1

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We did a comprehensive review of the 2019 BMW 330i G20 and compared it to the Tesla Model 3. In this part, we talked about the new technologies and features that BMW introduced into the 3 series. We also review the interior and trunk space.

05:12 – New iDrive interface
06:51 – Tesla Model 3 Review
12:12 – “2 Dudes 1 Trunk” Trunk Space Test
14:12 – 2nd Row Headspace and Legroom Test

In part 2 of the comparison, we do a driving experience and short drag race.

In another video, we compared BMW's parking assistant and reversing assistant to Tesla Model 3's AutoPark feature:

Hope you enjoy the video!

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