Europe is crippling AutoPilot in update 2019.16.1 – Testing The Tesla

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Because of the new regulation UN/ECE r79 ( and “hands on wheel detection” ( the autopilot behaviour in Europe has been severely impacted to the point where it has been dumbed down to almost useless. it still works awesome on highways without changing lanes. But everything else has been affected.

On this site, you can even read the meeting notes of those discussions around the changes and the proposed changes that are still pending for R79:

In fact, some examples show that this has now become more dangerous than it was and that is completely unnecessary. Since this is a UN regulation, countries have to create individual laws and of course, being “1 Europe” (NOT) every country is implementing different laws for this. That is why we have some countries that have Navigate on AutoPilot, while in Belgium we are still not getting it.

Please help us in protesting these changes by signing this petition:

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