New Tesla P100DL “Raven” Refresh 1/4 Mile Record!

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We took out the brand new P100DL “Raven” Model S to test out the quarter mile time and we were not disappointed.

A special thank you to Zubin for driving out just to witness and record this video. If you decide to order a new Tesla, please use Zubin's referral code to get 5000 miles of free supercharging with your order:

60′: 1.593
330: 4.375
660: 6.738
MPH: 102.61
E.T.: 10.610
MPH: 127.55

It was a blast setting this new P100DL Tesla Model S record on a completly stock car. Nothing was removed, and we didn't even change the tire pressure. I Can't wait to go back and Test this on 21″ arachnids.


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