Tesla Model 3 Siri Integration

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This video was requested in several of my previous videos on how I am able to control my Tesla Model 3 Performance with Siri on my iPhone XS Max. So here it is. 😊It basically boils down to an app called “Tesla Remote”. In the video, I show you around the app and then show you how to set up a Siri shortcut with it. Then finally I show you a few of the ones that I have set up.

As always, this was shot in 4K using my GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Tesla's Wild Intro – 0:00
A BIG Thank You for 1000 Subscriber – 0:22
Opening Remarks – 0:47
App Demonstration – 1:55
Setting Up a Tesla Siri Shortcut – 5:35
Siri and Search Location – 5:50
Tesla Remote Shortcuts – 6:23
Tesla Homelink Shortcut Setup – 6:37
My Tesla Siri Shortcuts – 7:18
Max Heat Shortcut Demo – 8:25
Max Cool Shortcut Demo – 8:44
Charge Port Shortcut Demo – 9:00
Frunk Shortcut Demo – 9:09
Trunk Shortcut Demo – 9:16
Shortcuts Summary – 9:23
Concluding Remarks and Caveats – 9:40


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