Racing My Tesla Model 3 Performance – Episode 1

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I love listening to those tires chirp! ❤️

This is a VLOG and POV Driving video documenting my first Auto-Cross event with the Tesla Model 3 Performance. It went really well imo, I mean I didn't do all that great but I was able to cut 10 seconds off of my initial time and get in with the rest of the pack. Had I had more runs I know I could have gotten my time even lower. Also, I even beat a 2008 Tesla Roadster… 😊 But that was all in good fun and we were the only Tesla's out there. Anyways, this was an absolute blast and there will definitely be more content like this coming through on this channel. I hope you all enjoy it!

As always, this was shot in 4K on two GoPro Hero 7 Blacks (yes, we're up to two now).

Track Runs:
1st Run – 3:59 (WORST TIME)
2nd Run – 5:04
3rd Run – 6:02
4th Run – 6:55
5th Run – 7:50 (BEST TIME)

Tesla's Wild Intro – 0:00
Opening Cut Scenes – 0:14
Acceleration Run – 0:27
Getting Lost – 0:32
Tesla Roadster and More – 0:50
Opening Remarks – 1:08
Watching the Morning Heat – 2:14
Max and Min Times – 3:14
Pre-Race SOC – 3:25
Getting Ready – 3:39
Track Runs – 3:59
Post-Race SOC – 8:42
Race and Times Summary – 9:04
Closing Remarks – 11:29

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