Tesla Enhanced Summon | Multiple Tests in Parking Lot | Pick Up and Drop Off

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It was really fun to test the new Enhanced Summon feature! I think it improved greatly over the last software version. I'm excited for this to be pushed out to everyone soon!

V.2019.20 Early Access Enhanced Summon (Beta) Release Notes:
Enhanced Summon is a parking assist feature that helps you guide your car toward you or a destination of choice using the Tesla App to remotely control the vehicle. When initiated, the car’s sensors and advanced computing power guides the car out of parking spaces and around objects as necessary. It is ideal for moving your car out of a tight parking spot, through puddles, or helping you when you are walking to your car while carrying groceries. Enhanced Summon works with your Tesla mobile app (3.8.5 or later) when your phone is detected within 150 feet of your vehicle. This feature is in beta mode and you must monitor your vehicle and its surroundings at all times.
To use Enhanced Summon, open the Tesla mobile app. Tap on SUMMON and then tap on the Enhanced Summon icon in the middle of the vehicle graphic. You may need to wait for a few seconds for the cameras to boot up after which you can initiate Enhanced Summon. You must be within 150 feet of your vehicle as marked by the blue circle shown on the mobile app.

To activate Enhanced Summon in PIN DROP mode (default), drag the map to position the pin at the destination of your choice. Then press and hold the SUMMON button. When the car reaches the pin or its path is blocked, the car will stop moving and the mobile app will show that Summon has ended.

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