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Wheel Bands Kit for Tesla Model 3
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Wheel Bands Kit for Tesla Model S
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Wheel Bands Kit for Tesla Model X

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Equipment and accessories seen and used in videos:

*Magnetic phone mount. It is amazing!
*Seatback covers –
*Child seat protectors –
*Dashcam: BlackVue Dual Channel (front & back cams)
*Cameras and stabilizers
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Video Details:
So we’ve always taken pride in being decent parkers and over 100,000 miles of driving our EV’s, we’ve never clipped a curb. Well, a few days back that all changed when I crunched our sonic carbon wheels of our model X on a curb I’ve navigated around for years without an issue.

So today we're going to reinstall the new replacement wheel band on our Model X.
If you don’t know what wheel bands are, they’re basically a 5 mile per hour bumper for your wheels and are applied with the 3m adhesive that is on the back of these bands. They come in a variety of insert colors, but if you prefer a more subtle look like us, you can just go with the black bands with the black inserts.

It takes about 5-7 or so minutes to apply the bands on each wheel, after you’ve wiped them with the alcohol wipes they come with.
You don’t want any break dust or dirt to get in the path of the backing. But they stick on pretty firmly once applied.

And really just provide that peace of mind when you’re navigating narrow parking areas. As you saw in that previous clip, what looked like a little scratch was just residual adhesive I’ll just peal back. I think I drove for a split second longer after clipping so there was a tiny bit scratch left behind 1 corner but the band will also cover that up.

A quick and common way to ruin your day is hitting a curb that you know you’ve clear a million times before so this just gets you that peace of mind.
They’re a little more than $100 for the four wheels but from our experience well worth the investment.

Just wanted to share this with you and hope you found it helpful. Thanks for watching!

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