Tesla Model S P100D Review & Road Test: Model S P100D Tesla

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The First time you get into a Tesla car it will either be momentous or catastrophic. The reason for this very black and white attitude is opinions seem to be split fair and square 50/50. Theres the for’s and theres the against, both parties adamant with their reasoning, but one thing everyone does agree on, its one hec of an experience!
The fastest Model S, the P100D, is now actually defunct as Tesla does not rate their cars with their wattage output anymore. Instead they have long range, mid range and Performance batteries in order not to classify models into categories.
With the equivalent of 603BHP, delivered by four electric motors, one for each wheel, the old P100D, P standing for performance, claims 0-62mph in less than 2.5 seconds, and even the slower, cheaper priced 100D does the same in less than 4.2 seconds. There aren’t many family four door saloon cars that can claim those figures. The car is addictively fast, whatever the spec and that's bad news for the range anxietists amongst you, the more you press the pedal to the metal, the more the battery gets used up. In actual fact, this is no different to driving any supercar, I’m sure you are aware. Put your foot down hard in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and it will drink fuel faster than a dehydrated dromedary. The official figures say, when driven conservatively, 393 miles for the 100D and 381 miles for the range topping P100D. However, and that’s a big however, the range we actually achieved was quite a bit less, but then the fun and giggles we had ragging the neck off the car was so worth it.
It might be mind blowingly quick but it’s also practical and has a built in sense of humour. You see the designers have made sure there are a few extra bits and pieces that you wouldn’t get on a normal car. These extra bits run concurrent throughout the entire Tesla range. For example, the whoopy cushion that goes off when you indicate hilarious fun when used on unsuspecting passengers, the 007 mode where the sat nav icon changes to the James Bond submarine, the lunar rover mode and not forgetting the Christmas mode, utterly hysterical. Theres more, but you will just have to go and have a test drive to experience these.
Acceleration and amusement apart, this car is extremely practical. The boot space is roomy and when the seats fold down its simply cavernous. Its amazingly comfortable, can park itself, can drive itself and with looks as good as an automotive catwalk model, it’s an amazing piece of kit. Kerb envy is guaranteed in this car; however, my only hesitation before buying one is the price tag. At £132,000 for the range topping P100D versus the low range standard equivalent from just £60,000, Im sure I could forego the sub 2.5 second 0-62 in favour of the 4.2 second version and save enough money to buy a half decent 4×4 for the winter months.

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