Tesla Model 3 Races a GTR, ZL1, and AMG

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Video Description: This is episode 3 of the Tesla Model 3 Performance racing series on this channel. Today, we went back to Bandimere speedway to see if we could improve on our times from last week (best was 11.724) and take down some solid ICE competitors. It was definitely a successful night and I had a blast. I hope you all enjoy this video. 🙂

Thanks again to my awesome subscriber Chris for sending me the badass helmet. It is awesome and I truly appreciate it.

A couple of notes on some of the races:
1. The ZL1 was struggling to get traction but is definitely around a 12 second car if the power could be put to the wheels.
2. The AMG was a darn good race.
3. The GTR was easily a high 10-second car but it was still a fun race! I have always loved those cars.
4. Can anyone clarify if the car in race 2 was a Plymoth Belvedere or a Dodge Dart? Google Lense said the Belvedere but everyone I have asked said an old school dodge dart… They look remarkably similar.

Thank you to Mike at Bandimere for all of the pointers for a drag racing newb and the cool facts about Bandimere. You have been super helpful and I definitely appreciate it!

Mike's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeldBNsb12LNOE-ouMJSCzA

As always, this was shot in 4K with one or multiple GoPro Hero 7 Black cameras.

4:26 – Race 1 vs Nissan GTR
5:13 – Race 2 vs Plymoth Belvedere or Dodge Dart
5:59 – Race 3 vs Mercedes S AMG
6:44 – Race 4 vs Camaro ZL1 Hot Wheels Edition
7:31 – Race 5 vs BMW 7-Series

0:00 – Tesla's Wild Intro
0:21 – Race Teasers
0:31 – Special Gift from Subscriber 🙂
0:54 – Opening Remarks
3:03 – Made it to Bandimere
3:16 – Going Over Tesla P3D
3:29 – Car Spotting
3:57 – Fully Checked In & Starting SOC
4:26 – Races Start (See Above for More Details)
8:17 – Ending SOC
8:27 – Races Summary & Time Slips
8:47 – Wrong Lane Race Time Slip
9:08 – Race 1 Time Slip
9:27 – Race 2 Time Slip
9:53 – Race 3 Time Slip
10:10 – Race 4 Time Slip
10:35 – Race 5 Time Slip
10:54 – Closing Remarks
11:50 – Ending
11:54 – Bandimere Cool Facts
12:48 – Energy Consumption Graph LOL

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