The Fastest Tesla Model 3?! Almost…

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Video Description: This was my third time racing my Tesla Model 3 Performance at the drag strip and it went pretty darn well. I am super happy with the results. All of my reaction times were below 0.200 and we may or may not have broken a record for the best time down the quarter mile for a stock P3D+. I cannot be certain but every single source I have looked at has had higher times than what I posted in my 6th run tonight. Please let me know if not, I am genuinely curious and I cannot find anything to the contrary.

NOTE 1: This was in Denver Colorado, so the Density Altitude was likely quite a bit lower than at sea level. I did not know the barometric pressure so I couldn't do an exact calculation.

NOTE 2: It turns out I did not break the record if the times listed on this site by DragTimes are to be believed (see link below). We got really darn close though and I believe in the future we can move into that 2nd place spot (which I believe would be 1st place for a non-stealth P3D). There is a stealth P3D that ran 11.587 which is absolutely incredible and apparently some dude named Harry Meyer ran an 11.628. After looking at the photo it actually looks like he may have lighter wheels on his vehicle so this may be the fastest non-stealth, no weight reduction P3D time yet!!! 🙂

Overall DragTimes Times:–Model-3-Drag-Racing.html
2nd Place Time:

NOTE 3: I almost killed a bird on my third run. I apologize for the cursing.

As always, this was shot in 4K with one or multiple GoPro Hero 7 Black cameras.

1:31 – Race 1 vs. Toyota Tundra (::facepalm::)
2:07 – Race 2 vs BMW M1 or M2?
2:38 – Race 3 vs Chevy Silverado (::facepalm:: but he does get a good jump…)
3:13 – Race 4 vs Honda Civic Hatchback (Ugh)
3:42 – Race 5 vs Jaguar XK R
4:13 – Race 6 vs Jaguar XK R (Again) (MY BEST… NEW RECORD?)

0:00 – Tesla's Wild Intro
0:15 – Opening Remarks
1:31 – Races Begin (See Above)
4:42 – Weighing the P3D+
4:56 – SOC and Energy Consumption Review
5:24 – Time Slips Review
5:58 – Race 1 Time Slip
6:24 – Race 2 Time Slip
6:47 – Race 3 Time Slip
7:09 – Race 4 Time Slip
7:33 – Race 5 Time Slip
8:03 – Race 6 Time Slip (MY BEST… NEW RECORD? NOT YET… ALMOST)
8:51 – Conditions Review
9:50 – Closing Remarks
10:09 – BONUS Car Spotting

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