Semi CRACKED My Windshield 😔 | Tesla Model 3 | DIY Repair

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Video Description: So yeah, I was driving on the highway and a semi shot a good sized rock into my windshield. Luckily it only cracked the windshield and didn't impact the roof at all. So this is just a POV video doing a DIY repair of the crack created from this rock using a kit from O'Rielly Auto Parts. It actually worked really well! Very happy with the results.

As always, this was shot in 4K with one or multiple GoPro Hero 7 Black cameras.

0:00 – Tesla's Wild Intro
0:15 – Opening Remarks
1:18 – DIY Kit and the CRACK
1:50 – Random Shit
2:16 – DIY Kit Contents
2:25 – Cleaning Out Broken Glass
2:43 – Applying Base
2:59 – Installing the Pedestal
3:32 – Adding Resin
3:37 – Removing Air
4:11 – Forcing in Resin
4:49 – PROBLEMS…
5:33 – Removing EVERYTHING
6:06 – 3/4 Checkup Getting There…
6:20 – Filling PIT
6:57 – RAIN?!
8:11 – Finished Results
8:43 – Closing Remarks

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