Tesla Model 3 PRICE and REVIEW | Massive RANGE FAIL!!!

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Tesla Model 3 – Massive Range Fail!

Tesla Model 3 reveal was made by Elon Musk via Twitter exactly 2 years ago. He announced that “With its $35,000 base price, the Model 3 has been touted as a cheaper and more consumer-friendly version of the luxury Model S”. 380k people put down money ($1,000) on one within the first year. You got two Tesla Model 3 option choices, color and wheel size.

The Tesla Model 3 we are reviewing today belongs to my cousin Hamid, his tech firm in Scottsdale, AZ (the Beverly Hills of Phoenix) offers a Model 3 for the week to employees as a perk. The longer you are with the company the better your chances! Tesla Model 3 has a 240 mile driving range which (as you will see) can lead to “range anxiety.”

Tesla Model 3 review – a few highlights:

– Whitney’s inexperience with Tesla Model 3 and range anxiety comes to fruition
– Hamid tries to tell you “range anxiety” isn’t a real thing
– Farshad drives the speed limit
– Tesla Model 3 drives itself around corners and beeps a lot

Tesla Model 3 Autonomous Driving Mode is amazing, so are electrified vehicles in general. 0-60 in 5.4 second for a stripped out Tesla Model 3 is impressive as is its quite and very composed nature. The Model 3 Performance also now comes standard with the previously optional Performance Upgrade package, which includes 20-inch wheels with summer tires, upgraded brakes, a carbon-fiber spoiler, a lowered suspension, and a 10-mph increase in top speed (to 155 mph). Learn more from Car And Driver’s in depth review here – https://www.caranddriver.com/tesla/model-3

A nicely equipped Tesla Model 3 comes in at $46,500, we are right in BMW 3 Series territory. I am extremely impressed with the Tesla Model 3, in fact, I don’t think that the internal combustion engine can match what these things are doing. I give it 5 years before we won’t even see them anymore.

What do you think? 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?

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