Tesla Model 3 | Quick Tip #1 | Update Time Zone

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Instagram: @teslaswild

Description: This is the first in a series of quick tip videos I want to make for the channel. On our road trip to Minnesnowta (link below), we crossed over into the Central Time Zone somewhere in BFE Nebraska… The Tesla Model 3 updated to CST with no problem, bit coming back to CO it never updated back to MST. So this is just a video showing how to updated your time zone just in case it gets stuck like mine did! I hope this helps.

Cameras: As always, this was shot in 4K with one or multiple GoPro Hero 7 Black cameras. Actually, this video was just filmed with my iPhone XS Max because my GoPro's were all the way upstairs… 🙁

Music: Any and all music you hear in my videos was written and created by yours truly.

0:00 – Tesla's Wild Intro
0:16 – Opening Remarks
1:26 – Adjusting the Time Zone
1:53 – Closing Remarks

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