Parrot plans to retire its Mambo and Swing drones

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Drone company Parrot, maker of the Anafi 4K folding drone, is reportedly leaving the mini-drone market. Parrot has been shifting its focus away from consumer drones since 2017, but it's been a slow transition. This week, Wirecutter confirmed that Parrot is retiring its Mambo and Swing drones, and supposedly, websites like Amazon have been slowly running out of stock.

Parrot will continue to sell its Anafi line, but it's likely the company will market the drones for commercial use. The news isn't exactly surprise. When Parrot laid off 290 employees a couple years ago, it said lackluster consumer drone sales were to blame. While the hobby drone market is growing, the FAA recently predicted that the commercial drone market could triple in size by 2023. It appears Parrot wants to focus its energy on that growth.

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