Why Model 3 is Tesla’s BEST car

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Build sports car
Use that money to build an affordable car
Use that money to build an even more affordable car
While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

This is Tesla’s “Secret Master Plan”, first published in 2006 on Tesla’s blog, and it laid the groundwork for what Tesla is today.

The sports car being the original roadster, with a high price and low volume. Tesla’s “affordable” car being the Model S, though not quite affordable for most people, but still in higher volume. The “more affordable car” is arguably the most anticipated car in history. Tesla’s Model 3.

And the model 3 isn’t just an affordable car. it’s the culmination of over a decade of electric car development and production. In my opinion it is Tesla’s best car ever. And here’s why.

Obviously pitting the 3, S, and X together is not a fair fight when you just look at the cars from a size perspective, each car has its own unique design that may meet one person's needs, but not another. So before you comment that it's unfair to compare the cars, I am not accounting for the size differences among the cars, and strictly focusing on the other features.

Steel Body & Chassis

Tesla Model 3: here's the alloy mix of the Model 3 body

In the Model S and X Tesla didn’t have much of a choice with their body and chassis, opting for a mostly aluminum construction to achieve the range they did when first produced, and still continue to achieve. Aluminum is very lightweight which helped offset the weight of the batteries on the bottom of the cars. Unfortunately for potential buyers, aluminum bodies are difficult to build, requiring more expensive equipment, which ultimately led to more expensive cars. For actual Model S and X owners, aluminum is incredibly expensive to repair, which is not what you want in an already expensive vehicle. According to a 2015 article by Green Car reports, one owner reported a minor front end collision in their Model S cost over $20,000 to repair, which is just insane.


The model 3 on the other hand opted for a mostly steel chassis, which did add some weight, but also cut down the cost, a major goal for the Model 3. Using steel for the body also saves on potentially repair costs for owners of the car.

Quick Manufacturing

Manufacturing Model 3s is very important for Tesla, ever since Q2 of 2018 they have sold more Model 3s than Ss or Xs combined. Right now, Tesla is able to build a Model 3 incredibly quickly. According to a January article by Digital trends, the car can be built in just 40 steps over the course of about 90 minutes. This is largely in part to that steel body, but also because of the very simple design. Even comparing it to the already simple interior of the Model S or X, the Model 3 interior is completely minimal. There is nothing there that doesn’t need to be, which speeds up manufacturing, and again, cuts down on cost.

I’m actually a fan of this minimalist design, after sitting in a Model 3 you realize how unnecessary a lot of the controls in your car are. From the air vents to the steering wheel, everything seems as simple as it can be.

Upgraded batteries

With the release of the Model 3, Tesla also rolled out an upgraded battery architecture, with a better cooling system than previous models, which used the 18650 cells. The Model 3 uses a new 2170 cell, which is more energy dense than the Model S and X cells. This means more battery capacity in the same amount of space.

Tesla battery breakdown: https://cleantechnica.com/2019/01/28/tesla-model-3-battery-pack-cell-teardown-highlights-performance-improvements/
These new cells also come with an upgraded cooling system that runs between each row of batteries in the Model 3. This not only helps with cooling the batteries when driving, but it also allows the pack to handle up to 250kW of power, while the Model S and X are stuck at lower charging rates.


Obviously it's not quite fair to compare the Model 3 cost to the S & X, but the cost of the car has exposed the Model 3 to a broader market. Anyone considering a new car will also consider the Model 3, while they previously wouldn’t have. As manufacturing continues, the cost will continue to go down, but even now the Model 3 is some of the best value you can get in an electric car.
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