More ‘The Last of Us Part II’ details will emerge on September 24th

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Naughty Dog/Sony

Naughty Dog has been fairly quiet about The Last of Us Part II since E3 2018. You're about to hear a lot more, though. The studio has sent invitations for a media event that will discuss the post-apocalyptic action game in greater detail. While details aren't forthcoming at this stage, it won't be surprising if you hear a lot more about gameplay, the plot, and possibly a release schedule.

It's not often there are high-profile media events devoted to individual games, but this wouldn't be surprising for TLoU 2. It's one of the biggest PS4 games that has yet to ship, and may well be the swan song for the console given that the PS5 is unofficially expected late in 2020. An event could shed light on the game (and foster hype, naturally) in a timely fashion without having to wait for someone else's event or sharing the spotlight with anyone else.

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