Tesla Model 3 After 6 Months of Abuse | Standard Range Plus | Drive Electric Week Event Prep

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Our Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus has been put to the test the past 6 months. In preparation for the national drive electric week event this weekend, I show you how our model 3 standard range plus has held up for our family over these first 6 months of ownership. We have used and abused this car! It’s also apparent that we have been playing to much beach buggy racing.

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We create all kinds of videos on our family life living with and EV, the Tesla model 3 standard range plus. Feel free to contact us 🙂

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Tesla Model 3 trunk mat. Short story is it’s a great trunk mat so far. Does the job well.
Brand: BougeRV
model3part(our own website): http://bit.ly/2XLgi5Z

Truckmat: https://amzn.to/2M8lSc8

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