Australia Finally gets the Tesla Model 3! ‘Standard range plus review’

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So after 2 years since orders in the US began, Aussies finally get their hands on the new RHD Tesla Model 3. Is it the world changing Ford Model T of this Century? We (Nick) thinks it's pretty dam close! The 3 has ground breaking tech at this price point (73k AUD on road) huge space, low maintenance costs and we believe un-matched rolling performance from 40-100kph, amazing for everyday merging and overtaking (we will be using dragy app for future reviews). Well professed quality issues did not come to our attention on the drive from the interior/exterior nor did we have any other problems to note. Concerning driving experience, we were hugely impressed with how the car manages broken road, potholes and like whilst maintaining such a brilliant lack of body roll through the turns. The steering is of course playstation-eque but expected for the cars purpose. The only large gripe is with the 15″ centre screen, whilst being the fastest, clearest and most intuitive GPS we have used, the placement is distracting whilst driving making Nick whinge for a mini heads up display for speed. Having a taste of the standard range 3 has given us an urge to drive the Full blown performance dual motor AWD version, a large price hike with supercar 0-100kph times and track mode! Stayed tuned!
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