Tesla Model Y Has a Bigger and Deeper Frunk

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One of Torque News friends a Twitter user Vincent shared this image of Tesla Model Y frunk and wrote that he sees a bigger and deeper frunk. We agree I think Tesla Model Y’s frunk is bigger and deeper than Model 3’s. What do you think?

This makes sense. As Tesla Model Y is a higher car, naturally the frunk must be deeper and bigger.

Who knows maybe we will even get some updates about Model Y too on the 21st of November when Tesla unveils its cybertruck pickup truck. I guess the Model Y is going to be 10 percent bigger than Model 3, 10 percent higher and will have a 10 percent deeper frunk. What do you think? The pricing of Tesla Model Y will start at 39,000 dollars.

Reference: https://twitter.com/vincent13031925/status/1192500962688024576


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