Tesla Model 3 Accident, Repair Time, And Myths Busted!

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My Tesla Model 3 was hit while parked in the parking lot at work (Sentry Mode OFF). I document my month long journey on dealing with insurance (GEICO), getting a Tesla rental, getting parts ordered & delivered, total repair time, and what I learned from the body shop about some of the myths surrounding Tesla repairs.

P.S. I apologize for the random pixelations in video. Been having issues with iMovie and I have a support ticket open with Apple.

Tesla Approved Body Shop in West Los Angeles: Avio Coach Craft – https://aviocoachcraft.com/

– How It Happened
– Initial Process
– Starting Insurance Process
– GEICO Estimate
– GEICO Tesla Rental Approval Process
– Tesla Repair Myth Busters
– Final Repair Cost
– Final Tesla Rental Out of Pocket Cost

10/11 3pm Accident
10/11 4pm Took car to Avio for estimate
10/25 GEICO inspection
10/29 Parts ordered from Tesla
11/4 GEICO approved $80/day rental
11/5 All Tesla parts arrived at Avio
11/11 Dropped off car at Avio
11/13 Repair Started
11/15 Repair completed. Picked up car.

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