10 useful tips you MUST know about your Tesla Model 3 | Tesla How To | Tips Video 2 of 3

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This is video 2 of 3 of my tips and tricks for the Tesla model 3. Below is the time stamp of each item in case you need to jump ahead. Not trying to bore you.

00:26 – Switch gears while moving
01:16 – Click on location in calendar
02:06 – Clean screen without yelling $#@!
03:26 – Another way to adjust temp and volume
04:32 – Hard and soft reset
06:15 – Slide finger to navigate
07:07 – “Ahoy – Hoy”
07:44 – View batter and lock car (differently)
08:30 – When will my car start charging while scheduled
09:40 – Dealing with the auto wipers…Grrr

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