Top Gear Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S Race WRONG! What They Should Have Done

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Top Gear Video:
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Intro to Top Gears Mistake: (0:58)
To sum it up they used the wrong Tesla. They used the older tech P100dL (pre raven) VS. The new tech 2019 Porsche Taycan Turbo S. This is wrong because you cannot compare an older version of Tesla Model S against a brand new Taycan Turbo S.

The BS: (1:59)
The correct average top1/4 mile time for a new Model S raven P100dL is around 10.5 sec. The average higher end 0-60 time is around 2.4 sec. What Top Gear got from the S was older p100d times of 11sec and 2.69 sec 0-60 (i don't even think they used launch control). The Porsche Taycans 1/4 miles time that Top Gear got was 10.69 sec with a 2.68 sec 0-60.

Top Gear did some stuff right: (3:15)
Since the older Model S and the new Raven have the same design with some minor cooling and performance changes, most of the handling and daily driving stuff is correct. The Porsche
Taycan Turbo S does have better things like handling, suspension, and driving. While the Model S has more comfort and daily driving winners.

What Top Gear Should have done: (3:57)
A really good test would be a longer distance. We know the Raven can beat the Porsche in short races/pulls but what about on a longer track. I think Tesla's cooling may give out against the Taycan but we don't know that's why they should do it!

End Rant: (4:55)


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Top Gear Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S Race WRONG! What They Should Have Done

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